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You may not be aware of the hidden injuries that usually occur during an auto accident. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in automobile accidents. It occurs during the impact of your accident when your neck is forcibly “whipped” back and forth and side to side past its normal range of motion. […]

Neck Pain and Torticollis in Children. Have you ever had a bad night’s sleep and woken up with a painful and stiff neck? Was it difficult to turn your head? When this happens, it’s called Torticollis, which in Latin means “twisted neck.” Torticollis, sometimes called “wryneck”, refers to an abnormal position of the head and […]

NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM One Week From Today You Can Be Seven Pounds Lighter!   FAT AND DISEASE Excess fat can contribute to many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Because of this, people rush out and try this weight-loss fad or that, to try to lose weight so that they are in better […]

What’s Wrong with My Back? Not all back problems are created equal. One person may have been working on a home improvement project and injured her back while simultaneously bending and twisting. Another person may have developed back pain as a result of a vehicular collision. Another person may be experiencing back pain as a […]

WHAT IS CHIROPRACTIC? Chiropractic helps people function better physically and emotionally. People feel better, recover from sickness, disease and disability faster and minimize the use of drugs and surgery in their lives! Many who choose a chiropractic lifestyle report less stress, more vitality and more life enjoyment! Chiropractic is a healthcare system that releases a […]

Every time we get seek or injured, our body responds in all different ways.  For example we get a fever, we vomit, sneeze, cough and so on.    These are the ways of our body trying to fight back, fix, get rid of toxins and foreign bodies to bring us back to optimum health.  But […]

Your first visit is free. During this consultation Dr. Greg will spend good amount of time to check your vital signs, your height and weight, discuss your health history and history of your current problem, discuss your diet and nutritional intake, do proper orthopedic and neurological tests to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Then, […]